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“Alan is a great lawyer and has amazing attention to detail. His results exceeded all my expectations.

I hired Alan to help me regarding a dispute with a landlord. He listened well to my situation and immediately brought up the points I was most concerned about going forward into the case.

We discussed the details further and quickly got onto the same page. As a business owner I dont have a lot extra time on my hands but with Alan I felt completely comfortable with him having complete control over the decision making regarding my case.

For me, having a lawyer who I can trust 100% to do what is in my best interest and who I believe is making all the right choices, is critical because of my limited time.

Not only did Alan get me the maximum settlement, he went even further than I had initially thought possible and we received a maximum settlement in my dispute. I believe his experience as a lawyer and the help of the other lawyers in his firm were directly responsible for such a generous outcome.

I cant say enough about Alan. He helped me at a very difficult time and turned a negative situation into a positive one, both financially and emotionally.

I highly recommend Alan for property and lease related issues. I have not had the pleasure of working with him on any other type of case but I will continue to use Alan whenever I can. I have great lawyers and he is definitely one of the best of the best.”


“Very professional and always responsive. Worked well with my tenants on my behalf.”


“Alan Segal attorney at law is a top real estate attorney in the Needham / Boston Ma area. If you are looking for help regarding a real estate closing (buying or selling) give his law firm a call.

The Segal Law firm also helps landlords and tenants resolve disputes (depending on the unique circumstances of your real estate case).

Highly Recommend!”


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