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What Sort Of Real Estate Matters Does Your Firm Typically Handle?

In terms of real estate, I represent people who want to buy or sell a house. This type of representation involves preparing or reviewing claim deeds, preparing purchase and sell agreements, and dealing with the buyer or seller’s attorney in terms of the actual purchase and sale documents. If I am representing a buyer, then I will I include a lot of protective devices. It is important to have an attorney who has reviewed and contributed to the purchase and sale agreement, and who will handle the closing.

If I am representing a buyer, I will often represent the bank that they are going through to obtain the loan as well, which reduces the expense for the buyer. While I am not on the approved list for every bank, I am for many of them, and it makes handling the documents and the process of closing a lot easier. If I am representing the buyer, then I can record the documents at the registry of deeds from my office through a process called E-recording. This is something that many attorneys do not do; they have to do the closing at the registry of deeds, and wait in line to file the document. I’m one of the very few who started doing E-closing in Massachusetts a long time ago and it has worked out very well.

Additional Information On Real Estate Law In Massachusetts

The decision to buy or sell a house is an important one, and I am available as a closing attorney for both buyers and sellers who are ready to make that decision.

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